Mid-Career Fellowship

Support mid-career professionals in pursuing graduate public health training with a specific focus on health in conflict and post-conflict settings. One fellow per year is selected from a conflict, post-conflict or developing setting to pursue a one year MPH. In collaboration with technical staff from CDC the CHE Fellow develops a project proposal for implementation upon return to their home country. Program expenses include:  tuition, travel to and from home country, visa, room, board, and a stipend.     

  • $250 buys the books a CHE fellow needs over the course of their one year accelerated program.
  • $30,000 provides the cost of living for one CHE fellow for their entire program period.

Practicum Opportunities for Public Health Students

Rollins School of Public Health students learn to respond when disasters strike around the world, and philanthropy helps them prepare. The CHE trains master of public health students through field research in countries such as Haiti and Syria that are developing or experiencing conflict. Support Master of Public health students in receiving practical field based experience related to complex humanitarian emergencies. Program expenses include: travel to and from field site, visa, room, board, and a stipend.  

  • $4,000 covers the entire cost of one student’s practicum or field experience overseas.
  • $12,000 provides support for 4 student field experiences overseas.

Continuing Education for Public Health Professionals

Even seasoned public health professionals need to stay abreast of new developments in the quickly changing field of emergency response. Our professional education programs offer them the chance to do so. Your support will help to enable the capacity of health professionals both in the US and abroad by supporting their participation in our face to face and distance based continuing education programs. Program costs include: distance based software platforms and technological capacity, travel to and from continuing education sessions, and course tuition.       

But how do we create sustainable funding?

With a generous donation of $50,000, you can help us create an endowed fund that will support CHE@Emory in perpetuity. Providing endowed support can allow for one student to go abroad each and every year. Or it can support the purchase of two laptops for our CHE fellows…

For $100,000 we will create a named fund and the reach of our programs increases by 100%. Essentially, with an endowed fund the more you give the greater the the impact of our programs, because we can do more with the funding.

When you support CHE@Emory with an endowed fund, an investment funding stream is created that supports fellowships, practicums, capacity building, and research each year and every year, without the need for additional financial inputs. By creating sustainability and fiscal effectiveness, we can provide support across all areas of our programming from today into the far reaching future. Who knows what tomorrow holds, but with an endowed fund you can help us make sure that the CHE programming is always creating capacity and responding to those at need most in the world.

Investment in our students is truly an investment in the future.