Oleg Bilukha, MD, PhD Adjunct Associate Professor

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Global Health

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Oleg Bilukha, MD, PhD, is the Associate Director for Science and lead of the statistics unit for ERRB. Joined the branch in 2002. Served as an EIS Officer in ERRB, a Medical Epidemiologist in Meningitis and Special Pathogens and then in ERRB. Dr. Bilukha played a critical role in the CDC’s response activities to key humanitarian emergencies, such as the Syrian refugee crisis, the South Sudan conflict, and Somalia famine. Primary areas of work include epidemiologic methods (surveys, surveillance, rapid assessments), nutrition, war-related injuries, communicable disease surveillance. Supervised multiple EIS officers and ORISE fellows has over 50 peer reviewed publications, served as a reviewer for over 20 scientific journals, including JAMA and Lancet.


  • Doctorate of Nutrition Sciences, Cornell University, 2000
  • Ordinature, Lviv Scientific Research Institute of Inherited Diseases , 1993
  • Doctorate of Medicine (MD), Lviv State Medical Institute , 1991


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  • Andresen E, BilukhaOO, Menkir Z, Gayford M, Kavosa M, Wtsadik M, Maina G, Gose M, Nyagucha I, Shahpar C, 2014, Malnutrition and elevated mortality among refugees from South Sudan – Ethiopia, June-July 2014, MMWR, 63, 700-701
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  • Bilukha OO, Wilkinson C, Andresen E, Husain F, Jacobson L, 2013, Effectiveness of home fortification with multi-micronutrient powders in Bhutanese refugee children: a five-year follow-up, Ann Nutr Metab , ,
  • Bilukha O, Prudhon C, Moloney G, Hailey P, Doledec D, 2012, Measuring anthropometric indicators through nutrition surveillance in humanitarian settings: options, issues and ways forward, Food and Nutrition Bulletin, 33, 169-176

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