Applied Practice Experience

The applied practice experience (APE) component is an experiential based (typically summer) employment with an implementing organization across various sectors and technical expertise. All CHE APEs are approved by the CHE Manager, Education and Programs on a case-by case basis. CHE APEs may occur in non-acute (i.e. non-response) humanitarian settings which include: protracted emergencies and areas previously impacted by an emergencies.

CHE students, much like the wider SPH student body, will never enter an active humanitarian response due to increased security risks, the deviation of resources and time and energy needed to manage a student, and that students lack preparation and training prior to certificate completion. However, many opportunities exist that meet both CHE and RSPH APE requirements. You can explore past APEs here.

As of 2019, CHE is using GFE Financial Award as a way to fund student APEs.


What makes for a CHE APE?

  • Working with emergency affected communities
  • The project benefits emergency effected communities
  • The project is based in emergency effected area, current or historic
  • Skill gained during the APE are transferrable and applicable to Complex Humanitarian settings


Please be advised that an ideal APE meets the CHE APE requirements AND the RSPH APE requirements. The requirements listed above are only for CHE APEs. For more details on RSPH requirements of APEs, please visit their website.