Jennifer Pigoga

Jennifer Pigoga is a first-year Global Epidemiology MPH student. Prior to her time at Emory, she earned a BS/BA in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Rhode Island and a MSc in Emergency Medicine at the University of Cape Town. Jenn is passionate about the development of sustainable and resilient emergency care systems in low-resource settings. Her interest in emergency response was piqued during undergrad while working on ambulances. She later moved to South Africa to serve as a Scientific Fellow for the African Federation for Emergency Medicine, and continues to consult for the organization remotely. This summer, Jenn will be in Tanzania and Uganda working on a WHO project to evaluate basic emergency care interventions. She will also be working on the development of an EMS training program for the Tanzanian government. Her ultimate goal is to live and work abroad as an emergency medicine physician, expanding access to emergency care services across sub-Saharan Africa. No matter where in the world she is, you’ll always find Jenn exploring her temporary homes through her favorite activities: running and eating!