Michelle Hynes, PhD, MPH Adjunct Assistant Professor

Adjunct or Visiting
Global Health

Phone: 404-498-0280
Email: mhynes@cdc.gov


Michelle Hynes, PhD, MPH is an epidemiologist with the Emergency Response and Recovery Branch (ERRB) at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and an adjunct professor for Emory University’s Hubert Department of Global Health. She received her MPH in population and family health from Columbia University and her PhD in behavioral sciences from Emory University. Dr. Hynes has over 2 decades of experience working in humanitarian settings on sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence throughout Africa, Asia, and South America. Her work focuses on operational research, program evaluation, and global guideline development. In addition to her work at CDC, Dr. Hynes has worked for several international NGOs and UN agencies, and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea, West Africa.  

Areas of Interest

  • Reproductive Health
  • Injury & Violence Prevention
  • Global Health
  • Maternal and Child Health

Contact Information

1600 Clifton Rd
Atlanta, GA 30345


  • PhD, Emory University, 2012
  • MPH, Columbia University, 1998
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Colorado, 1991


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Affiliations and Activities

Emergency Response and Recovery Branch, Center for Global Health, Centers for Disease Control and Preventions

Recent Selected Presentations

Hynes, M., C. Sterk, S. Patel, et al. (27-31 October 2012). Displacement, Gender Role Transitions, and Intimate Partner Violence: A Qualitative Study in Cartagena, Colombia. Paper presented at the 140th Annual Meeting of American Public Health Association, San Francisco.

Hynes, M., S. De Jesus, F. McCarty, K. Thompson, and M. Zotti (18-20 June, 2008). Mental Distress and Intimate Partner Violence Outside of Bogotá, Colombia. Poster presented at the Reproductive Health in Emergencies Conference in Kampala, Uganda.

Hynes, M. (29 Nov-1 Dec 2006). Sexual Violence Research in Conflict-Affected Populations: Methods and Ethical Considerations. Paper presented at the World Health Organization Meeting: Consultation on Ethical, Safety and

Methodological Issues in Researching, Monitoring, and Documenting Sexual Violence in Emergencies. Geneva.

Hynes, M. (December 2005). Demographic, Epidemiological, and Population-Based Approaches to Sexual Violence and Exploitation Surveillance. Paper presented at the Social Science Research Council: Technical Consultation on Methods and Systems for the Assessment and Monitoring of Sexual Violence and Exploitation in Conflict Situations. New York, NY.

Balaban V., M. Hynes, and J. Ward (November 2004). Psychological Impact of Violence against Women in Post-Conflict Societies: East Timor and Kosovo. Paper presented at the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA.