Student Involvement

The Humanitarian Emergencies Research Team (HERT) was founded in 2013 and aims to provide students with an opportunity to collaborate with public health professionals and contribute to research projects related to Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (CHEs). HERT is sponsored by the CDC’s Emergency Response and Recovery Branch (ERRB) and Emory University through the Center for Humanitarian Emergencies (CHE). 

The group includes students from all RSPH departments with an interest in CHEs. No prior experience necessary. Members are selected through a competitive application process.  

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Current Projects

  • Systematic Review on Ebola survivors for the CDC International Task Force Ebola Survivor Services
  • Country-specific health information factsheets for complex humanitarian emergency responders for CDC ERRB
  • Analysis and review of open-source CHE databases utilized by complex humanitarian emergency responders for CDC ERRB

Past Projects

  • Analysis of facility assessment data from a Haiti Maternal Child Health Surveillance Program 
  • Synthesis and report writing of data from tuberculosis programs 
  • Creation of course material for CHE undergraduate course   
  • Review of CHE certificate elective requirements 


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