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The Center for Humanitarian Emergencies is Proud to announce an innovative new collaboration with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the vector control team at the Centers for Disease Control. Training and building capacity in 30 Latin American and Caribbean countries to combat the spread of the Zika virus using Geographic Information System skills and technology.

Using geography to target and kill infected mosquitos!

Innovation in Graduate Education for Health Professionals in Humanitarian Emergencies

The objective of this report was to show how the Center for Humanitarian Emergencies (the Center) at Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia USA) has trained graduate students to respond to complex humanitarian emergencies (CHEs) through innovative educational programs, with the goal of increasing the number of trained humanitarian workers.

Evans DP, Anderson M, Shahpar C, Nash T, del Rio C. and Curran JW.

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Conflict as a Social Determinant of Health

The Conflict Determinant Model (CDM) provides a theoretical base for emergency responders, public health professionals, and social scientists to include the social determinants of health in their programming and for analysis of the impact of conflict on health status.

Martin LS and Evans DP.

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Dabney Evans, PhD, MPH is a mixed-methods researcher charting new interdisciplinary paths at the intersection of public health, human rights, and humanitarian response. Dr. Evans’ past projects include, an exploratory study of the differences in depressive and anxiety symptoms in students born in Tibet compared to Tibetan students born in exile, an evaluation of the barriers to reproductive health in Nicaragua, and an examination of race as a vulnerability before and after hurricane Katrina. Currently, Dr. Evans is exploring strategies in domestic Ebola preparedness, and innovative approaches in graduate education for health in complex humanitarian emergencies. 

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Lara Martin’s research interests focus on Islam and health, medical anthropology, nationalism and health in conflict settings, risk mitigation and preparedness, and child centered programing. Martin is currently working on a project proposing conflict as a social determinant of health. The framework aims to guide aid workers in the areas of health comparison, community engagement, program design, impact measurement, and monitoring and evaluation.  

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